The Bruce Trail finally returns to Cape Chin!

The Bruce Trail finally returns to Cape Chin!

Forty years is a long time for most of us – But the Bruce Trail Conservancy can be very patient. After exactly forty years, the Trail is returning to Cape Chin! We have finally been able to reopen our trail past the spectacular lookout point on the “chin” of Cape Chin. This entire property, now the MapleCross Nature Reserve, today belongs to the BTC.

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Over the last month, frenzied activity has taken place here. Firstly, a few of us “flagged” a route through a beautiful combination of meadowland, open forest, escarpment edge and dense dogwood. Next, our dedicated staff ecologists, Adam Brylowski and Brian Popelier walked the route with us and gave it their thumbs-up – meaning that the heavy foot traffic we now expect to see here won’t hurt any endangered species. Then, two of the largest work parties ever seen on the Bruce Trail, coordinated by our tireless trailwork coordinator Tom Hall, with 20 volunteers and three chainsawyers, cleared the entire two kilometre route in only two days. This is probably a record speed. Finally, I had the pleasure, along with Tom and Laura, of blazing the route. The former route of the trail, which passes through some very pretty countryside, will remain as a Side Trail.

Immense thanks is due, first to John Whitworth and the BTC Board of Directors, for having had the courage and foresight to buy this property; next to the many generous donors, led by MapleCross, who funded the purchase; and finally to all the volunteers who made the trail a reality. Please get out and enjoy it!

John Grandy

Trail Development Director