Payment of badges is via e-Transfer

To (e-Transfer funds to cover cost of badges.)

Once the amount has been deposited, please screenshot the confirmation stating the e-Transfer was accepted,  and include it together with the following information in an email to the address below that is associated with the badge you are requesting.

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  2. Mailing address

  3. Badge(s) requested

  • To  – for the Peninsula Club End to End Badge; Peninsula Club Chevron; Blue Side Trail Badge and Peninsula Bear Cub Badge.

  • To – for the Birder Badges; Fern Badge and Orchid Badge.

Contact with any questions or if you need an alternate payment method.

Complete different hikes on the Peninsula section or fulfill the requirements for the birder, fern or orchid badges to earn the following badges and chevrons.

PBTC is launching a series of birder badges.

So, whether you’re an amateur ornithologist or you just love birds, there’s a badge for you.

There are three levels of Birding Badge:

*** Peninsula Bruce Trail 100 Birder badge (100 bird species seen or heard in calendar year).
*** Peninsula Bruce Trail 150 Ultra Birder badge (150 bird species seen or heard, no time limit).
*** Peninsula Bruce Trail 200 Elite Birder badge (200 bird species seen or heard, no time limit).

Plus, for those younger birders out there we have: Peninsula Bruce Trail Junior Birder badge

  • Canada – send $9.00 (shipping is included)  Additional badges are $7.00 ea.

Reference : Good birding etiquette :

New Fern and Orchid Badges

There are few better places in the world to see orchids and ferns than on the Peninsula section of the Bruce Trail. The Bruce Peninsula is home to 46 species of orchids and a great diversity of ferns, totaling more than three dozen species. PBTC’s new fern and orchid badges encourage hikers to slow down and notice the beauty and variety of plants along the trail.

  • Canada – send $9.00 (shipping is included)  Additional badges are $7.00 ea.

Orchid Badge

Fern Badge

Document through photo, name and location a minimum of 20 species of ferns on the Bruce Peninsula. There is no time limit for identification.

The ferns must be found along the sides of the main trail or on the side trails of the Bruce Trail from Wiarton to Tobermory.

Record your observations in a log. In the log, acknowledge your awareness of good fern etiquette.

Reference : Owen Sound Field Naturalists Fern book for fern identification etiquette. “A Guide to the Ferns of Grey & Bruce Counties”– Revision and reprint scheduled for 2022.

Peninsula Club End-to-End Badge

To earn an end-to-end badge one must have hiked the entire main trail from Wiarton to Tobermory.   NEW – there is no time limit for completion

  • Canada – send $9.00 (shipping is included)  Additional badges are $7.00 ea.

New Badge – E2E in 10


In order to earn this new badge, hikers must register and complete 10 scheduled hikes with a small group led by a Bruce Trail Hike Leader. Up to 3 hikes can be completed as an individual due to scheduling challenges – please ensure you are available for all hikes in the schedule prior to registering.

The Peninsula Bruce Trail Club will run as many series as possible each year. In 2023 we offered 5 E2E in 10 hikes. Stay tuned for more E2E in 10 opportunities in 2023!

In order to register, hikers must be a member of the Bruce Trail Conservancy (affiliated with any club). Registration in 2023 was $30 which includes the badge and helps the Peninsula Bruce Trail Club in its efforts to support the Bruce Trail Conservancy’s Mission of “Preserving a ribbon of wilderness, for everyone, forever.”


The new E2E-in-TEN badge is a stained glass style rendering of a Turkey Vulture, Cathartes aura, which arrive like clockwork in the Peninsula every year right around the start of the spring hiking season.

Peninsula Club Chevron

The club chevron is also available (in addition to the Flowerpot Badge) to hikers who have completed the Peninsula section in whatever time needed.

Blue  Side Trail Badge

Peninsula Bruce Trail boasts over 150 kilometers of side trails. Hike them all and receive our Bear Badge.

Peninsula Bear Cub Badge 

The Bear Cub Badge is earned by Bruce Trail “bruins” up to age 16 yrs.  (The badge’s smaller proportions make it a better fit for sewing onto kid sized hats or backpacks.)

The badge will be awarded after completion of 4 Side Trail Loops. Use your imagination as these Side Trail Loops can include stand-alone Blue Loops or loops created by combining the Main Trail with a Side Trail.